Jesus will Bless and Multiply Your Gift

Jesus will Bless and Multiply Your Gift

Jesus broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds

There is a Eucharistic theme in the miracle of the loaves. Just as we do at every Mass, Jesus TOOK the loaves, BLESSED and BROKE it. Something happened next: He gave the disciples to share. Notice that He didn’t do it all by Himself.

By giving the disciples the bread to share, He was incorporating them into the ministry of the Kingdom. Or if you like, He was inviting us all to ministry in our parishes. Imagine all the people who were fed that day: men, women and children who went home that day satisfied and happy. This is what Jesus desires to do for us at every Mass. To accomplish this, Jesus gives the ‘Bread’ to us to share.

‘Sharing Bread’ here represents the various ways and means by which your ministry and involvement in parish life help to bring peace, healing, joy and God’s love to all who come to our parishes.

At this time of the pandemic, Jesus thanks you for helping to share the Bread of peace, love and joy in our parishes. Jesus is looking for more people to help out in ministry in our parishes. He wants to continue to touch many lives. Many are hungry, sick and weary. Will you consider volunteering to be a greeter, cleaner (after Mass) or reader in any of our Masses? May Jesus bless our parishes and all our volunteers who help everyday in feeding the hungry crowd.

Another dimension of the miracle – 5 loaves seemed like ‘nothing’….

In the Gospel of John, it was a little boy who generously gave his five loaves and two fish. Andrew said: “what is that to compare with 5,000 people.” For Andrew, it was nothing. It was this ‘nothing’ that Jesus took, blessed, broke and shared.

Do you sometimes feel like ‘nothing?’ Sometimes, we can look at ourselves and we feel like ‘nothing,’ that I am not very gifted or talented, that I can’t offer anything. It is our nothingness that Jesus is looking for because He wants to turn it into something beautiful to make our parishes and the world a better place.

Pilgrimage of Faith: A woman once said to me: “I really don’t have $1,000 to give. What I have is nothing. And what is that to compare with all the work that needs to be done with the pilgrimage of faith fund.”

In our discussion, I said to her: it is our ‘nothing’ that Jesus is looking for. It is the gift of our heart – big or small that Jesus is looking for. He takes it, blesses it, breaks it and shares it.

With the gift of your heart which may seem like nothing but very important and valuable,

  • our retired priests are able to retire well.
  • Catholic education continues in our diocese. Did you hear that Holy Cross School was ranked the best private school in Penticton in 2020?
  • Our teachers are supported
  • Youth program continues
  • Catechism: our children learn about God and His love for us
  • Evangelization continues

This is a particularly difficult year. The difficulty extends to the area of finance for some people. Whatever you can give to Pilgrimage of Faith to support the things listed above, Jesus will definitely bless and multiply it. And we will see miracle happen.

Thank you! God bless.

~ Fr. Obi