Get Connected!

This page highlights the various ways that our Parish community can connect in a digital world. Our Parishes can provide a few great ways to connect, but the Internet provides an almost endless array of choices – we can only highlight a few.

Live Streamed Events

When the need arises, we will live stream a liturgy or event over the Internet so our Parishioners can watch it on their computer or device as it happens. We live stream one Sunday Mass each week and we occasionally live stream other events like funerals.

To watch an upcoming live stream event simply go into our Events section of the website and find the event your are interested in or view it directly on Vimeo.

To view recorded videos, including recorded versions of past live streamed events, please visit our Vimeo channel.


The Catholic Parishes of Penticton has a public page on Facebook. If you’re a Facebook user, we encourage you to visit our page and like it. Invite your friends to like it, too! This page will be the public face of our Parishes on Facebook and gives another opportunity to for people to find us, see what we’re up to, and hopefully make a connection.

The Catholic Parishes of Penticton also has a Facebook Group that is intended for Parishioners to connect and grow in faith with each other. Follow the link or simply search for “catholic parishes penticton” and look for a Group entitled “Catholic Parishes of Penticton Parishioners“. Membership requests for the group are reviewed and content is monitored by the Parish and delegates.

Email List

We strongly encourage all Parishioners to enroll yourself on our email communications list. This gives the Parish office and our Pastor an easy, cost effective, and immediate means to communicate with our parishioners on a regular basis or when the need arises.

After subscribing, if you no longer wish to receive future emails then you can click the Unsubscribe link that will be at the bottom of each email.

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Other Resources

Check out our Resources page for links to all sorts of Internet resource for news, learning, and reflection.