Joining one of our Parish organizations contributes to the life and vitality of the church, family and community, both at home and abroad. Work together to promote human rights and social justice and offer welcome and support for the vulnerable, needy, and marginalized.

Through charity, express your Catholic faith. Put your faith into action and give back — to your community, your parish, and around the world.

Step up and live out your faith — join one of our parish organizations!

Catholic Womens League

100 Years (2020)! The Catholic Women’s League of Canada has created thousands of stories of faith, service, and social justice. They’ve prayed for those that need our faith, fed those that need nourishment, and clothed those that need our compassion. They’ve had an impact on your communities and on the world. Who is she and what are her stories? She’s a lover and a fighter. A women of faith and action. She uses her voice to stand up for others…

Knights of Columbus

OUR MISSION: We are Catholic men building a bridge back to faith. There is much good and necessary work to be done in this world, and that’s what Knights do every day. Charity Charity is at the heart of our work and our faith — and it always has been. For the Knights of Columbus, charity means supporting a virtually boundless variety of projects. Faith Our commitment to charitable service is just one of the many ways that we express…