Live Stream Mass or Events

Watch Sunday Mass live or, if you missed it, you can watch one of our archived videos.

Our Sunday Mass is live streamed from one of two Parishes depending on the month as follows:

* 9am from St. John Vianney in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec
* 11am from St. Ann in Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov

Faithfulness of God

Dear my sisters and brothers, Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ! The First Sunday of Lent presents us with a promise, a sign of that promise, and it’s fulfillment. Speaking to Noah about a new covenant, God promises no more destruction by flood. A sign of this covenant, God adds, is the rainbow, and the sign simply states that water shall no longer be a sign of destruction. Saint Peter’s letter in the second reading takes up what the waters…

Jesus Our Healer – Our Journey to Wholeness

My dear sisters and brothers, Praise Jesus our healer! The Gospel this weekend (Mark 1:40-45) is a story of a man with leprosy, it is not a lesson on skin problems. It is a piece of good news about a caring God, who heals us from the greatest malady represented by that which, back in Jesus’ day was most visibly upsetting. Leprosy now is rare – at least the kind that St. Damien the leper of Molokai eventually suffered from…

Catholic Schools Week 2024

Catholic Schools Week 2024 begins on Monday, January 29th. We are excited to commemorate this great event with our school community. Our Leadership Class students are organizing the celebrations and they have planned a number of games and activities throughout the week. Our Catholic School Theme for the year is Living, Celebrating and Proclaiming our Faith. Let’s celebrate together! For a schedule of events please visit our school calendar.

NET Ministries is Returning!

Hi Families! Last year, the Catholic Parishes of Penticton hosted a powerful youth retreat weekend put on by NET Ministries. This year, we are excited to announce that NET is returning with new themes, new leaders, new activities and of course, a powerful energy centered towards Christ. On the weekend of February 10th – 11th, The Catholic Parishes of Penticton will be welcoming the travelling retreat team from NET Canada (National Evangelization Teams). NET is a reputable company with teams…

Daily Mass & Rosary

Our regular Daily Mass schedule is as follows: Holy Rosary typically begins about 40 minutes before Mass. If you are unable to join us in the church praying the Holy Rosary at our Daily Masses, please feel free to watch one of the following recorded versions and unite your prayer with the rest of our faith family. Simply press the Play button about 40 minutes before Mass begins. The Joyful Mysteries – Monday and Saturday The Sorrowful Mysteries – Tuesday…

Daily Chaplet of Divine Mercy

You are invited to pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy at this time of day and know your prayers are united with the rest of our faith family also praying at the same time. You have two versions to choose from: the one from 2020 and a new one with Father Obi praying – recorded in April 2021. Simply press the Play button right at 3pm.

Reflections and Prayers

Commissioning Reflection

What a blessing it is for us to follow in the footsteps of the apostles, and be commissioned in our ministry service, just as they were commissioned by Jesus. Commissioning blesses us, and affirms the use of the gifts that God has given us. As we journey in our walk with Jesus, He invites us to partner with him in sharing His love with others. There is nothing greater or more rewarding than to invest our time, and talents into…

Mass Intentions – August 15-21, 2022

SA = St. Ann’s, SJV = St. John Vianney Mon Aug 15 Private * Intention Hughes Family Tue Aug 16 – SJV 9am Repose: Antonio Sebastian (Marie Sebastian) Wed Aug 17 – SJV 9am Repose:Daniel Machado (Maria Lima) Thu Aug 18 – SA 9am Repose: Marcella Savoie (Mary Lukey) Fri Aug 19 – SA 9am Intention: Najsel & Mosny families (Martina Mosny) Sat Aug 20 5pm Repose: Gavril Morariu (Nella Todd) Sun Aug 21 9am – SJV Repose: Roy &…