The rest that never happened ….

The rest that never happened ….

Upon my return from Vancouver, I asked Vince and Bernadette to take a week off because they have done so much for our parishes during this pandemic. They left on Monday to Kelowna to rest for five days. By Tuesday afternoon, they were back. The fire forced them to come back. Tuesday night, they were packing their things and getting the emergency kit ready.

Since I see them almost every day, I see the anxiety this causes. I can only imagine what many of our families are going through at this time.

As Bernadette entered the Church to help at the funeral Mass on Friday, Nolan who was live streaming the Mass saw her and was surprised. “What are you doing here, he asked.” “The fire forced us to cut our holiday short.” Nolan said to her: “If you ever need a place, know that we have a place for you at Apex.” Bernadette was deeply touched.

Indeed, this is who we are as a parish community. We are family helping one another, loving and caring for one another.

Many parishioners are phoning one another to see how everyone is doing. Thank you for reaching out. Bishop John Corriveau called. He is thinking about us and praying for us.