Do God’s Will

My brothers and sisters,

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

One of the most tiring and burdensome problems for me is when there is disunity in
a community or family. Whether it is for sports, a prayer group or community, I
easily get frustrated when dissenting factions are present. Why? It takes so much
more energy to move toward a goal. Friction and disagreement about the task at
hand easily turns personal and therefore, takes a toll on relationships and the good
work that should be achieved is delayed in its completion. Jesus knew that disunity
could be the death of His Church. That’s why He prayed, “That they will all be one,
as you Father, are in Me and I in You.” (John 17: 21).

In our Gospel passage this weekend, Jesus calls us to belong to the best family ever:
His own family. But this generous offer has a condition: to do God’s will at all
times. Doing God’s will had been Jesus’ “food” all along – unity with God the
Father, without uncertainties or regrets. This total and unconditional obedience to
God the Father in imitation of Jesus is also our duty and our privilege – to be united
with Jesus. We are expected to do what God wants as a sign and proof of our love
for Him. Such generous obedience will leave no room for following the path of
disunity, exclusion and accusation.

Jesus should always remain as our model, the obedient Son, in unity of God the
Father, who calls us to inclusion – to be united with Jesus as brothers and sisters.
And whenever our attitude and actions are such, Jesus will joyfully declare, “These
are my brothers, sisters and mothers – my family – with whom I am well pleased.”


God Loves You!

~ Fr. NEIL