Parish Pictorial Directory

Who is your fellow parishioner sitting in front, beside and behind you? You see them every week, but do you know their name?

We are giving you the opportunity to find out! IPC Canada, who photographs parishes through Canada, is coming to the Catholic Parishes of Penticton in July and August!

They are scheduled to be in St. Ann’s July 8-14 and in St. John Vianney on July 15–20. They will return again to St. Ann’s on August 11-17 to catch parishioners from both parishes that may have been away in July. Everyone will have the opportunity to come and have their picture taken, receive a FREE copy of the pictorial parish directory, and if you wish, to purchase the expertly taken photographs at a great price!

More details will be shared at the Masses on June 1 & 2. You will be able to choose your photography session time after Masses on weekends from June 1 through June 23. If you have any questions, or didn’t get a chance to book your time slot after Mass, please call Bernadette at 250-991-8281.