Commissioning Reflection

What a blessing it is for us to follow in the footsteps of the apostles, and be commissioned in our ministry service, just as they were commissioned by Jesus.

Commissioning blesses us, and affirms the use of the gifts that God has given us. As we journey in our walk with Jesus, He invites us to partner with him in sharing His love with others. There is nothing greater or more rewarding than to invest our time, and talents into that which lasts forever; the Kingdom of God.

Jesus invites us to be His hands and His feet not only for the benefit of His Church, but for our own benefit as well. Serving in ministry moves us from experiencing the graces of God for ourselves, to being an instrument in sharing them with others. This deepens our faith, as we rely on the Holy Spirit to equip us to serve. It also helps us grow in love and humility as we serve others.

So why does this take place at Mass?

This is the formal acknowledgement of the acceptance of the call to serve in each Ministry and the authority granted to these individuals by Fr. to serve. In addition, it offers parishioners an opportunity to thank the volunteers for their service and is a visual sign of God’s work within our parishes. How grateful we are for our volunteers, for with them, our lives and Masses are enriched.

More information on the various ways that each of us can use our talents for the greater good are provided in today’s bulletin insert and in Fr. Obi’s Pastoral Message.

If you are you interested in volunteering in any of the Ministries, please speak with Fr. Obi or contact the Parish Office.

Carla & Melinda