Residential Schools – Further Information

Residential Schools – Further Information

As many people still have questions about what happened at the Residential Schools and the Truth and Reconciliation Report; as well as trying to discern what is accurate information, we have posted 3 letters.

Bishop Bittman - Residential School Information - July 9, 2021

Down these 3 letters: One from Bishop Gregory Bittman (Bishop of Nelson) in which he encourages us to educate ourselves on these matters by seeking the truth. The second is a letter from F.B. Henry (Bishop Emeritus of Calgary) to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referring to the Governments role in the Residential Schools and citing excerpts from the Final Truth and Reconciliation Report. The final letter is from Most Reverend Mark A. Hagemoen (Bishop of Saskatoon) and is a summary of the settlement process and the Catholic Churches participation and contributions.

Back on June 25th, we also posted an FAQ originated from the Diocese of Edmonton regarding Residential Schools.

Below are the live links to what is referenced in Bishop’s letter, if it is helpful.

Articles from The National Post

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