The Silence of God

My sisters and brothers,

We adore you Jesus Christ!

This weekend is Palm Sunday, the start of our Holy Week Celebration, the most Holy week of all weeks in the year. It is because for our faith, this Holy week commemorates Jesus’ last days journey entering Jerusalem going towards Calvary, to offer His life for us to save us – the unfolding of the mystery of salvation.

Palm (Passion) Sunday Celebration, has seemingly conflicting events; Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem where the people initially singing Hosannas to the King of Kings and at another time crying out “Crucify Him!” Palm (Passion) Sunday is about us sinful people, struggling between acceptance of a God who gives life, and the refusal of a God who indeed gives it while killing, while himself passing through the path of passion and death! We do not easily understand it all! Come to think about it, if it were a mere drama, we would rally behind a pitiful figure of one subjected, as Isaiah reports to us, a suffering servant, alone and silent. Silence, as we will see and hear in Mark’s account of the Passion, “He (Jesus) humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross” (Phil 2:8)

Saint Mark’s Gospel states that Jesus spoke only three times after His arrest although there were so many questions; First, when Jesus declared Himself the Messiah and the Son of Man. Second, before Pilate, He is the King of the Jews. And third, on the cross, Jesus cried out “Eloi, Eloi, lema Sabachthani! Jesus’s response to the crowds singing the Hosannas was silence, his response to the shouts of people in his Passion was silence. St. Mark tells us: “But He was silent and did not answer.” (Mk 14:61). The silence of the one who is the Way, who is the Truth and who is the Life! This silence is the most powerful statement of God for the Living and the Dead – the silence of the tomb and deafening roar of victory in the Resurrection! Now, in this noise-filled world, we are challenged to come and join the genuine victory of the silence of God. AMEN

God Loves You!

~ Fr. Neil