Pre-Authorized Giving

What is the Stewardship: (Pre) Authorized Giving Plan?

The work of our parish is made possible through the generosity of our parishioners, who embrace their responsibility to their spiritual home.

  • We give because by our gift we define our lives as giving people
  • We give because we are grateful to God, who has given much to us
  • We give because we appreciate our parish
  • We give because we want to participate in the ongoing work of the Church
  • We give because we desire that the Gospel influence our world
  • We give because we share the burdens and the blessings of our Christian community
  • We give because Jesus calls us to use our money responsibly and charitably

How does the SAG Plan work?

SAG (Stewardship: (Pre) Authorized Giving) allows parishioners to make their regular Sunday offering using the “direct debit” system. SAG is an option, not a requirement! It is being widely used in other dioceses, and we want to make SAG available to those parishioners who would like to take advantage of it.

When you participate in SAG, your regular Sunday offering is only withdrawn from your account once a month and deposited into the parish account. That means your “once a month” amount will be about four times as much as your “once a week” amount.

For example: If you usually contribute $20 a week, to maintain the same level of giving, you would need to donate $86.67 a month. Why that odd amount? Because there are not exactly four weeks in each month, so it is necessary to multiply your weekly amount by 4.33, not 4.

We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential and secure. The SAG system uses sophisticated security measures, including encryption. The Diocesan Office of Financial Administration administers the program for participating parishes, but the parish will continue to issue your receipts.

How do I enroll in SAG?

  1. Decide the amount of your monthly offertory contribution to be withdrawn from your bank account each month.
  2. Download the PDF form below. Print and fill out the form. Include a blank cheque marked “VOID.” Place both in a sealed envelope.
  3. Place the envelope in the collection basket or drop it off or mail it to the Parish Office.

Will I still use envelopes?

Envelopes will continue to be issued to all registered parishioners—and we encourage everyone to register at the Parish Office. You can use your envelopes for the Special Collections not covered by your regular SAG offering.

Benefits for you and the parish

SAG is convenient. Your offering is deducted automatically; you don’t need to search for your cheque book or stop by a cash machine on the way to church. SAG allows you to support your parish when you are away—a benefit to the church, since expenses continue all year long. Most importantly, you are in control. You can increase or decrease your amount or withdraw from the SAG plan simply by dropping a signed note in the collection basket or at the Parish Office.

You may want to retain a copy of what you send in to the Parish Office for SAG.