Planning a Gift

Most people support their parish through the weekly envelopes, but there are other ways to make financial contributions that require some planning on your part. It often involves assets and directives in forms other than money, such as wills, insurance policies, property, stock or annuities. This type of giving can also reflect your personal financial situation and allow you to use various financial planning tools to help you reduce your tax liability while at the same time supporting the ongoing work of the church.

Choosing to leave a gift to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nelson through its Planned Giving Program is a gift from the heart that brings meaning, dignity and purpose to life. Your gift is your opportunity to participate in passing forward our tradition of faith in a way that allows the work of the Church to continue to be well supported now and long after you have gone.

Offering support in this way can also be more in line with your particular church interests or concerns as you can direct your generosity very specifically. Your support can be directed towards your parish, a particular organization, your region, the Canadian church, and beyond. There are many worthy projects and ministries in action right now, and many which still exist only as dreams and hopes that could be undertaken, or enriched with your planned giving contribution. Take a moment to consider some project or ministry that you KNOW could greatly benefit by financial help. Then take a moment to consider what method of financial support is best for you. Talk to a reputable financial planning professional about the possibilities of supporting the project you have in mind.

One doesn’t need to be a multimillionaire, nor does one have to have a sizable estate in order to leave a meaningful legacy to the church. The church is supported by the people in the pews. And the church’s various ministries will be carried on by meaningful gifts from ordinary Catholics across the diocese.

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