Jesus is Our Hope

My dear beloved brothers and sisters,   Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

“Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” (Mark 4:40) These are the questions of Jesus in our Gospel this weekend. Do you have fears? When I was young, I consider these as my greatest fears; public speaking and flying on an airplane. I am scared of speaking in public because I am afraid of making mistakes; the words that I choose; my grammar and my pronunciation. The audience might not understand me and I might forget what I want to say.

Being afraid of flying; the first time I rode on a plane I was seated on the window seat beside the right wing of the plane. I was so afraid that for a whole hour of the trip, my eyes were fixed on the wing, making sure it would not fall off. But God has a way of helping me overcome my fears. He chose me, anointed me and even sent me to different places to serve Him and His people. God gave me the grace to put my fears aside.

What are you afraid of? “Storms” – problems and fears. Jesus is our only Hope. We must learn to turn to Jesus when “storms” – problems and fears threatened us. Jesus can conquer all, He is always with us to help us. Let us pray that at this weekend Eucharistic celebration, we may offer all our problems and fears, our “storms” so that we may learn and grow in trusting and surrendering to God. Believe that God will do wonders beyond our imagination!


God Loves You!

~ Fr. NEIL