Jesus, A True Friend

My dear sisters & brothers,

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

It was a surprising week, that we had a potluck dinner for my birthday. I am sorry for some of you who were not informed because it was a last minute decision to have a gathering. To all of you, thank so much for remembering my birthday, please continue to pray for me. (Pictures in our gallery)

This weekend, we are celebrating the birthday of the Church, “Pentecost Sunday”. Let us greet one another by saying, “A Happy and Blessed Easter!” Pentecost marks the end of our seven-week prolonged celebration of the joyous feast of the Lord Jesus’ rising from the dead. Since His resurrection, Jesus had been appearing to the disciples with greetings “Peace be with you!” Jesus wanted to assure them that though living now on a different level and with His earthly ministry coming to an end, He will continue to be with them in a more perfect manner. Conquering death, the Risen Jesus has overcome the barriers of space and time. He appears and reappears at will – whenever, wherever and for whatever.

Jesus revealed that He will be present in the lives of His disciples and in the lives of all who believe in Him, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, whom He will send from God the Father in His name. Who is this Holy Spirit? He is the Third Person of the Godhead. The Holy Spirit is not simply a dove, or a personification of the elements of fire, wind, & water. These are symbols we have used to illustrate His power among us. But He is a Divine Person like God the Father (The Creator) and God the Son (Jesus- The Saviour). The Holy Spirit as the Third Person of the Holy Trinity is “The Paraclete – Consoler – Comforter – Advocate.” Sending and sharing the Holy Spirit with us, Jesus shows that He is a genuine God and loving friend. He will never leave us orphans.

As we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit over the disciples gathered in the Upper Room, let us open our hearts to Him so that we, too, may share in their wonderful experience. May the Holy Spirit fashion us to the likeness of Jesus, a true friend and into a community characterized by mutual acceptance, appreciation, solidarity, and love.


God loves you!

– Fr. NEIL