Posts from February 2023

Journey Through Lent 2023 – CCCB

Exciting news from the CCCB Office for Evangelization and Catechesis! We have three amazing resources that we can’t wait to share with you: #1 – Journey through Lent 2023 video reflections: #2 – The Call of the Catechist Webinar Series: Save the Dates: #3 – Encounter Newsletter Thank you for your attention! We hope to see you at our upcoming events.

Turkey / Syria Earthquake Emergency Aid Campaign

“As Catholics we are compelled to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters in dire circumstances like the thousands of families that have lost loved ones, or are injured and have lost their homes, due to the earthquake,” said Bishop Poisson, president of the CCCB and Bishop of Saint-Jérôme-Mont-Laurier. “For this reason, local Bishops have been invited to promote this emergency campaign in their dioceses/eparchies and to invite their faithful to donate to any one of the organizations…

NET Retreat for Youth

The theme of this retreat is “Living for Greatness”. Society tells us that the purpose of life is to get a good job, start a family, make lots of money, and be happy. But what happens once we achieve that? Is that true greatness? God has a plan for each of us… How do we hear Him, and how do we have the strength to follow? NET Ministries will be running two retreats in February. One for our Junior Youth…